Sleepy New Mommy

The adventures of a new mother who is learning that sleep is elusive

About Meg July 23, 2007

This humble little blog started when I was a sleep-deprived, new (young) mother who was blindly stumbling through parenthood.  While all of my friends were partying and doing the college thing, I took a crash course in responsibility.  I found a great community of parents through blogging and have stuck around ever since, although I don’t fit neatly into the “mommyblogger” category all the time.

I hail from the not-so-great state of Oklahoma, where I’ve lived my whole life.  I have plenty of sarcastic life stories as a direct result of growing up a preacher’s kid in the Bible Belt.  Sarcasm is also my defense method, so expect lots of that around here.  Verbal diarrhea is also my specialty.

I’m pretty much a dork with no concern of what others think of me.  I like to dance and sing, though I do both horribly.  I rock out on Guitar Hero, although I own an actual guitar and know how to play it.  I read way too many books, watch really horrible television, and am a hopeless computer nerd.  I love to take pictures, although I’m not any good at it.  I quote movies all the time and I make endless Family Guy references (ahem….Ahem….AHEM).

I live out in the country with my husband Shane (who is the most patient man in the world for putting up with me) and our daughter Cambry who is 4 going on 16.  We have a giant dog named Ladybird and a string of really bad luck with keeping animals alive.  My dream is to one day live on enough land that I don’t have to wear clothes to go outside.  I could technically do that now, but the neighbors probably wouldn’t appreciate it.  Other dreams of mine include punching Joan Cusack, licking Paul Rudd on the neck, and owning an original Slush Puppie machine.  All reasonable.

I hate mustard with every ounce of my being. 

I love Texas Longhorns football to the point of obsession.  Yes, I grew up in Oklahoma, but my Texan father brought me up on Texas sports.  I am one of those football watchers who screams, yells, and jumps around so you probably don’t want to be at my house on game day.

I can be found around the interwebs, writing for various sites.  I might actually link to them one day. 

If you’re still reading this and you’re wanting to send me fabulous gifts or to pay me for my expert writing (*snort*), you can contact me at  Otherwise, enjoy the site.  It’s under construction, as I’m planning a move and redesign in the near future…



One Response to “About Meg”

  1. stargazer12 Says:

    You are one cool sleepynewmommy. I identified (painfully) with your thyroid problems/symptoms. Take care of yourself and keep on blogging!

    Pat Marcantel

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